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Hello Coaches,
There is allot of content in this email, so please read through it all. I will be placing all of this up on the coaches corner for you to get to as well, using your password and ID listed below. Please only give this to your coaches as you see fit. I will post all of our correspondents here for future use.
Please see the website www.dracutpopwarner.com and click on coaches corner.  The password is shred07
Not sure if you all got the word or not, but you have all been voted in as coaches for the 2007 season. Congratulations. Now the real fun begins. I need you to send to me your current coaching roster/staff as well as who your team mom will be if you know at this point. If you all ready have a junior coach selected for your team please let me know this as well. They will need to fill out a registrant form and not a CORI form if they are under the age of 18.
I have attached both the compete registration package and the CORI form. If the are 18 or over they do the CORI, under 18 have them fill out the registration form.
I went to a training class on the new roster software last week, and can now begin the process of getting all the teams loaded. Once this process is done, you will all have direct access to your teams and all the contact information. We have been told by Easter Mass that we must use this software starting this year. Once all the data is in, we can use it for future years. The 1st year is the tough one, so bare with me as I try to get them all loaded into the system. It is not just child's name and DOB, but we need to enter everything about each player and parents. Fun Fun
Practice Locations
As it stands right now, it does not appear as though the town is going get the additional parking completed for Veterans as well as they are fighting me on getting the temporary lights on the back field. We will have all 8 teams at Veterans the first week. The first couple of nights, I would like to have all 8 teams lined up from left to right mm teams in the front, then D, then C, B and A in the back for warm ups. One of the many things we will be instilling this year in unison across the board.  We will talk more about this at the next meeting. Starting week 2 it looks like we will be moving blue over to the field in the way back of the high school complex where the old girls softball field use to be.
Next Coaches Meeting
Right now we are looking at June 19th for our next coaches meeting. I would like to see if we can get as many of the coaches to attend the meeting as possible. The location and time are TBD. It may or may not be a meeting with Coach Murphy. Stay tuned on this one. There is a chance that this meeting might be a on the field meeting to go over drills and practice plans. I need to confirm this with Pat.
***Eastern Mass Coaches meeting is scheduled August 4th at 8 AM in Somerville at Good Times Billiards. At least one coach from every team must attend. No excuses. Please put this on your calendar now***
Home Work & Miscellaneous
I trust you have all gotten real friendly with your playbooks and fall asleep dreaming of running the speed option right or jailbreak left. I have copies of the high school DVD's that were given to us last year if you are interested in reviewing them. Attached is the coaching philosophy for Dracut Pop Warner. Please take a look at this and make sure each and everyone of your coaches gets a copy. Attached is the 2007 Eastern Mass Rule Book. There are only a couple of rule changes for football, and the do not affect us. Please review this front to back and make sure all your coaches are well versed with it.
2007 Schedules
Yes the rumor is true I do have the 1st version of the 2007 Schedule for the blue teams. There is a very good chance that this will change with the White teams being added to the team 1 scheduled in order to remove the problems we had last season with our 2nd (white) teams. Merrimack Valley is working to get the complete schedules done very soon. As soon as I get this I will pass it one as well. As of right now here is how the blue schedule is looking.
Week 1 at Concord Carlisle
Week 2 at AB
Week 3 at Billerica 2
Week 4 Chelmsford
Week 5 Sudbury
Week 6 at Brookline JP
Week 7 Billerica 1
Week 8 TBD
Clinic with the High School Coaches
The camp being run by the high school coaches is going to run from August 20th to the 24th. Cost is going to be $60 per player, and it will only be for players signed up in Pop Warner A, B, and C teams. It will be at the Dracut High School from 5:30 till 8:00 each night. We are trying to have a BBQ on the last night and we might be having a parent meeting there as well that night. More info on this to come soon, as well as the flyer for the clinic..